NTC-West June 2016 Newsletter

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NTC-West January 2017 Newsletter

The situation on the world stage today has brought into sharp focus the heightened concerns for security and public safety.

Disasters of all Types, natural and man-made, intentional and unintentional, mandate efficient and cohesive interoperability within healthcare and the community at large.

First responders, EMS providers, law enforcement officers, physicians, nurses, allied health providers, public health officials, hospital staff, all levels of volunteers, and community leaders require a common framework to prepare for, recognize, and respond to disasters.

The National Disaster Life Support® National Training Center-WEST™ presents the full range of NDLS® courses, and more, anywhere in the US and the world.

Call or contact us for more information on scheduling any of the NDLS® series of training courses or custom designing a training program for you.

New Versions!

CDLS 3.1 Released!

BDLS 3.2 Released!

ADLS 3.2 Released!

New NDLS Flyer! Customized for your training!

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The NDLS National Training Center-West

Adds new service!

Video and Audio Production! Record and review your exercises, produce training videos. Receive on the media of your choice.

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The NTC-WEST adds two new hi-fidelity simulators to the toy box. Click here for additional information